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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Package contains 335 g pomegranate syrup 20 eggplants, 10 peppers, 10 zucchini and 10 peppers mixed for drying 1 kg each of sweet and hot pepper paste 100 g mint 100 g dried tomatoes

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🌿 Oguzeli Honeysuckle Meeting Package: A Beginning at the Peak of Flavor!

Welcome, dear flavor lovers! As Oğuzeli Hanımelleri, we have prepared a special introduction package for you and we are ready to add a delicious flavor touch to your tables. How about discovering the exquisite flavors coming from nature to your tables?

🍆 A Starter Enriched with Mixed Vegetables: - 20 fresh eggplants - 10 colored peppers - 10 zucchini - 10 peppers

🍅 A wonderful sauce flavored with tomato paste: - 1 kg fresh sweet pepper paste - 1 kg aromatic hot pepper paste

🌿 Fragrant Touch of Nature: - 100 g fresh mint - 100 g sun-dried tomatoes

🌶️ Flavor Feast with Special Sauce: - 335 g delicious pomegranate syrup

With this magnificent combination, we are sure that you will color your tables and give your palates an unforgettable taste adventure. As Oğuzeli Hanımelleri, we bring together traditional flavors with a modern touch and offer you quality in each of our products.

🎁 Special Opportunity for Meeting Package: Make a delicious start with a special discount valid only for this package! Step into the unique world of Oguzeli Honeysuckle and pamper your palate.

🛒 Order Now, Let Oguzeli Honeysuckle be the Address of Flavor!

Note: Our introduction package is offered with limited stocks. Hurry up not to miss the discounted price!

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