Olive Varieties

Olive is an essential part of Mediterranean cuisine, adding health and flavor to breakfast, appetizers, salads, and main dishes. Turkey's rich olive varieties cater to every palate with their distinct flavors. Here are some of these flavors:

Black Olives

Natural Fermented Black Olives: Intense Flavor and Aroma

Natural Fermented Black Olives are a type of olive grown in various regions of Turkey and matured using traditional methods. Known for their thin skin, small pit, and fleshy texture, these olives undergo natural fermentation processes, resulting in their unique aroma and rich flavor. Their balanced salt content and soft texture make them a staple for breakfast. They also enhance salads, mezze plates, and various dishes.

Natural Sele Olive: Intense and Lasting Flavor

Natural Sele Olives are a type of black olive fermented with special salting methods, known for their intense aroma. With a high salt content, these olives are preferred for their unique flavor in breakfasts and appetizer plates. Natural and additive-free, Sele Olives are a crucial part of a healthy diet.

Natural Black Olive: Natural Flavor from Aegean and Mediterranean

Grown in the fertile soils of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, these natural black olives are matured using traditional methods, boasting an intense aroma and rich nutritional values. These olives, known for their salty and slightly sour taste, are suitable for both breakfast and meals.

Storage Conditions for Black Olives

To preserve the freshness and flavor of black olives, it is recommended to store them in a cool, dark place in airtight containers. Once opened, they should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a short period. Coating olives with olive oil also helps them last longer.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

Black olives offer numerous health benefits due to their rich nutritional profile. They contain healthy fats, vitamin E, iron, and antioxidants. Regular consumption supports heart health, improves skin health, strengthens the immune system, and aids digestion. Their high fiber content also benefits the digestive system.

Black olives not only serve as a natural and delicious snack but also provide valuable health benefits. With different types of black olives, they bring various flavors to your table. As a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, their natural and additive-free nature makes them enjoyable in every meal.

Green Olives

Halhali Olive Hand-picked

Halhali Olive Hand-picked, obtained from carefully selected fresh olives grown in the fertile lands of the Aegean, is processed by hand-crushing to maintain their natural freshness and flavor. This special processing method preserves the natural soft and lightly salty taste of olives.

Grilled Olives

Grilled Olives are a culinary delight obtained from fresh olives nurtured by the Mediterranean sun, carefully selected and marinated with special sauces. Grilling brings out their intense aromas and natural flavors. Lightly smoked and coated with olive oil, these olives are an excellent choice to enrich your breakfast table or appetizer plates.

Stuffed with Pepper 

Stuffed olives are obtained by filling naturally grown olives with hand-prepared pepper filling. This process perfectly combines the natural salty taste of olives with the spicy aroma of pepper. Lightly smoked and coated with olive oil, stuffed olives can be enjoyed as a snack or used as a garnish in dishes.

Jumbo Green Olives

Jumbo green olives are obtained from naturally grown olives harvested in large sizes. These olives stand out with their fleshy and full texture, offering a rich olive flavor in every bite. Lightly salted and coated with olive oil, jumbo green olives are an ideal choice as a snack or garnish in dishes.

Hatay Broken 

Hatay El Kırması olives are a variety unique to the southern Hatay region of Turkey. The climate and soil structure of Hatay contribute to the distinctive flavor and nutritious qualities of these olives. Typically processed by hand-crushing, this method preserves the natural appearance and texture of olives. Hatay El Kırması olives are often enjoyed as a standalone snack and are also used in salads, mezzes, or dishes flavored with olive oil, providing a rich aroma and texture. They are also a popular component in Hatay's regional cuisine.

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