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Gaziantep Copper Craftsmanship

History and Tradition

Gaziantep, located in southeastern Turkey, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. Copper craftsmanship in this city has been a longstanding tradition, dating back centuries to the Ottoman Empire. This tradition of copper processing continues today, meticulously maintained by skilled artisans. Gaziantep's copper craftsmanship is included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage that needs protection.


Copper processing in Gaziantep is typically done by hand. Artisans create various household items, decorative objects, and kitchen utensils by hammering, cutting, and engraving copper sheets. Copper's durability and conductivity make it an ideal material for kitchenware. The engraving and hammering processes on these products make each piece unique.

Engraving (Gravure):

This technique involves carving various patterns and motifs onto the copper surface. Artisans apply traditional motifs or personal designs onto the copper, requiring meticulous craftsmanship. Engraved products offer a decorative appearance and are commonly used for items like teapots and coffee pots.


In this technique, copper sheets are hammered into shape. The hammering process enhances the durability of the copper and gives it a unique texture. Hammered copper products are often used for pots, pans, and pitchers.

Product Range

Gaziantep copper craftsmanship offers a wide range of products. Among the most popular items are teapots, coffee pots, pots, pans, pitchers, and various decorative objects. Each product is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Copper Teapots:

Gaziantep copper teapots are especially adorned with engraving and hammering techniques. They come in various colors and designs to suit every taste.

Copper Coffee Pots:

Copper coffee pots ensure that coffee is brewed at the ideal temperature and flavor. They are perfect for making traditional Turkish coffee.

Copper Pots and Pans:

Copper pots and pans ensure more even cooking of food and save energy due to their high thermal conductivity.

Copper Decorative Items:

Copper pitchers, flasks, and brooches adorned with handwork are ideal for both decorative and functional uses.

Advantages and Uses of Copper

Copper's natural antibacterial properties are one of the main reasons it is preferred in kitchenware. Additionally, the high thermal conductivity of copper vessels allows for faster and more even cooking. Copper products, which are aesthetically appealing, also add elegance to kitchens and dining tables.

Gaziantep copper craftsmanship is not just a craft but also a cultural heritage. Each product is shaped by the artisans' labor and artistry, making them unique and valuable. Gaziantep's copper craftsmanship is highly appreciated both locally and internationally, ensuring the continuation of this traditional craft for generations. You can purchase Gaziantep hand-crafted copper products at reasonable prices from neyivar.

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