Tastes of Antep

Flavors from Antep that will remain in your palate are at Neyivar!

Gaziantep continues to be a frequent destination for gourmets for years with its countless varieties of flavors. Food and desserts stand out in this diversity. Delicious Antep baklava is one of the Turkish desserts that delight your palate. Turkish Baklava with pistachios, dry baklava, carrot slice, carrot slice with pistachios, söbiyet, baklava with clotted cream, baklava with walnuts and mixed baklava are among the frequently consumed baklava. Famous baklava brands are sold in 500 gr, 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg, 3 kg, tray and various weights. Pomegranate molasses is one of the most frequently used sauces in meals and salads. Sweet pepper paste and hot pepper paste are the crown jewels of delicious dishes. Tarhana is among the most consumed soups. Dried peppers, aubergines, eggplants, peppers and zucchini are among the indispensable choices of food lovers. You can offer your guests delicious drinks such as Menengic Coffee, Ottoman coffee, dibek coffee and Turkish coffees with mountain strawberries, medium roasted, cardamom, gum drops.

Antep Baklava Varieties

Enriched with Gaziantep's unique pistachios, our pistachio baklava, which captures a delicious balance between thin phyllo layers, offers another flavor for your special occasions or daily dessert pleasure. Thinly cut baklava plates meet with carefully prepared filling and pistachios. Kuru baklava is a great choice for those who love traditional flavors. Carrot slice baklava attracts dessert lovers with its unique structure and pistachio filling. Offering an elegant solution to your sweet cravings, this flavor offers an unforgettable taste with every bite. Enriched with pistachios, carrot slice baklava is an ideal option for those who like their dessert special. It attracts attention with its delicious filling and thin phyllo layers. The söbiyet, flavored with pistachio filling, is carefully prepared between thin layers of phyllo. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a light and satisfying taste. Balanced with soft clotted cream, our baklava with clotted cream offers a great solution to your sweet cravings. The harmony of clotted cream and pistachio between thin phyllo layers will leave a mark on your palate. Baklava with walnuts, enriched with walnut filling, offers a unique flavor that emerges with walnuts. This dessert, each bite of which melts in your mouth, is ready to add value to your special occasions.

Tomato Paste and Sauces

Indispensable for your table, pomegranate molasses adds a unique flavor to meals and salads. Pomegranate molasses obtained from the essence of natural and high quality pomegranates, is the leading actor in your delicious sauces. Sweet pepper paste is a first-class ingredient that enhances the flavor of your dishes. Prepared from carefully selected sweet peppers, the paste adds a rich taste and color to your dishes. Hot pepper paste will be the favorite of those who love spicy flavors. An indispensable complement to hot and spicy dishes, hot pepper paste adds character to your kitchen.

Dried Food

Our tarhana, prepared by sticking to the traditional recipe, is the perfect choice for soup lovers. Our nutritious tarhana with plenty of vegetables brings your soup pleasure to the top. Dried peppers are ideal for adding intense aroma and flavor to dishes. Dried peppers prepared with natural drying methods increase your creativity in the kitchen. Dried eggplant is a great option to enrich your meals. With its intense flavor and practical use, it ensures that eggplant is on your table in every season of the year. The unique flavor of peppers adds a special touch to your dishes in dried form. Dried peppers are one of the favorite choices of food lovers. Dried zucchini can be consumed as a light and healthy snack, as well as adding flavor to meals. Prepared with natural drying methods, zucchini brings the freshness of nature to your table.

Coffee Varieties

Menengic coffee enchants coffee lovers with its unique aroma. It invites you to a rich and satisfying coffee experience while relieving your fatigue.Ottoman coffee offers a special coffee experience that smells of history. Prepared with traditional Ottoman recipes, this coffee offers your guests a unique taste. Dibek coffee offers a unique flavor with the way it is ground and its special blend. Ground in traditional dibek stones, our coffee allows you to fully enjoy your coffee pleasure.

Turkish coffee enriched with the aroma of mountain strawberries offers a sweet surprise. Prepared with the fresh touch of nature, this coffee gives your guests a special experience. Medium roasted Turkish coffee complements your coffee pleasure with a balanced flavor profile and intense aroma. Each cup is prepared with carefully selected coffee beans. Turkish coffee with cardamom enriches your coffee pleasure with a spicy touch. The warmth of cardamom makes your coffee even more special. Turkish coffee with mastic gum offers a unique aroma and flavor. Combining traditional flavors with a modern touch, this coffee accompanies your special moments.

Each product is specially prepared and produced with carefully selected ingredients. We recommend you to try these products that will add pleasure and taste to your tables full of flavor.


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