Tarhana Varieties

Spicy Tarhana:

Spicy Tarhana is a variety enriched with spicy spices used in traditional recipes. It is typically consumed during winter to help boost the immune system.

Village Tarhana:

Village Tarhana is a traditional type made in villages using natural and local ingredients. It undergoes natural fermentation and embodies the flavor of rural life.

Home-style Creamy Tarhana:

Home-style Creamy Tarhana is prepared at home and enriched with cream. Cream enhances its texture and flavor, making it ideal for those seeking regional tastes.

Baked Tarhana:

Baked Tarhana is dried in the oven instead of sun-dried, ensuring a more uniform drying process and longer shelf life.

Aegean Style Vegetable Tarhana Soup:

Aegean Style Vegetable Tarhana Soup is enriched with vegetables typical of the Aegean region, adding a distinctive flavor to the soup.

Marash Style Thick Yogurt Tarhana Soup:

Marash Style Thick Yogurt Tarhana Soup is heavily mixed with yogurt to intensify its texture. It offers a rich flavor specific to the Marash region.

Squeezed Soup-ready Tarhana:

Squeezed Soup-ready Tarhana is prepared in a form that easily dissolves into soups, providing convenience and practicality in soup-making.

These varieties reflect the richness of Turkish cuisine and regional flavors, prepared using traditional methods to offer healthy and delicious nutrition. You can purchase these products at affordable prices on neyivar.com.

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