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The Destination for Geographical Indication, Regional, Organic, and Natural Products: Neyivar

At Neyivar, Turkey's fertile lands are filled with geographical indication products in many areas, including Turkish cuisine, handicrafts, textile products, and beverages. We offer Kırklareli's mustard, Çukurova's cotton, Ezine's cheese, Görece's evil eye bead, Kars' kasseri cheese, Şile's Şile cloth, Balıkesir's höşmerim, Kayseri's pastırma, Erzurum's cağ kebab, Antep's baklava, and many more regional and geographical indication products! We are proud to provide you with these products by sourcing them directly from their patented regions and delivering them to you quickly and safely. A world full of carefully selected, geographical indication, organic, 100% natural, and regional products from all around Turkey is just a click away!

What is Geographical Indication in Products?

A geographical indication is a quality mark that indicates the connection and guarantee between the origin, characteristic features, and distinctive features of the product and its geographical area for consumers. Geographical indication registration ensures the protection of products that have gained a reputation due to their quality, tradition, locally sourced raw materials, and regional characteristics. It is a mark given by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.


Geographical Indication Products at Neyivar is a special marketplace that stands out with its geographical indication products. Thanks to this platform, we successfully bring together unique Turkish patented and geographically characterized regional flavors and products from all over Turkey. With, products obtained from each region's unique climate, culture, and rich soils become easily accessible with just one click. Therefore, you can discover these valuable products that reflect Turkey's geography and cultural heritage from the comfort of your own home.


Support Local Products by Shopping at!

At Neyivar, we are proud to offer a select range of products known for their quality and rich heritage from specific regions. By choosing our products, you not only support local artisans and their traditions but also enjoy a shopping experience that brings Turkey's heritage to your doorstep. Each purchase you make contributes to the preservation of the country's cultural heritage nationwide and ensures the continued development of these traditions. Together, we can support various cultures and crafts and help them gain the recognition they deserve in today's market.


Shipping Process at

Your order will be prepared within 1-3 days. Our sellers pack and ship the products while maintaining their freshness and safety. Products sent by the seller in the city where they have a geographical indication will reach you within 1-3 business days depending on your location.

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