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NEYİVAR Cookie Policy is prepared in order to provide information on the cookies and similar technologies (all of which is hereinafter referred to as “cookie”) which may be used on the website and mobile applications (all of which is hereinafter referred to as “NEYİVAR”) 

NEYİVAR uses cookies to ensure you to make more efficient use of our services. 

Once you use the NEYİVAR’s website and mobile app, NEYİVAR may use any mandatory cookies and similar technologies in order to operate its Website and mobile equipment under its Cookies Policy, and record them on your device and process your personal data for the purposes and by the methods specified below and in this NEYİVAR Cookie Policy. For cookies collected for purposes such as analysis, performance, statistics, advertising, marketing, if you so consented, NEYİVAR may process them for the purposes and methods specified in this NEYİVAR Cookie Policy. 


A cookie is a set of microdata temporarily stored by your browser on your devices. Cookies mostly contain the name of the website, the period for which the cookie will be retained, and a unique numeric value usually created randomly. Cookies that do not contain personal data and cannot be used to identify users record your actions and preferred settings for your next visit. Thereby every time you visit NEYİVAR, you do not need to re-set your preferred settings. 


Cookies are divided into various types in terms of their management, retention time and intended uses. In terms of their management, cookies managed by third party companies with which we cooperate are called "Third Party Cookies” and cookies that we manage are called “First-Party Cookies”. NEYİVAR does not have any control over the third party cookies and disclaims any responsibility in respect thereof. 

In terms of retention time, cookies are divided into two, namely “Session Cookies”, cookies that are deleted when your browser is logged out, and “Persistent Cookies”, which remain for a certain period of time after the browser is logged out and enable websites to recognize your computer. 

In terms of their intended use, there exist cookies as such "Necessary Cookies" to ensure that applications work efficiently and “Performance Cookies” that enable users to save their preferences and provide a personalized experience and "Analytical Cookies” that enable the collection of statistical information for marketing activities and “Advertising Cookies” that allow displaying personalized and interest-oriented ads. 

Other than the foregoing cookies, as a mandatory part of the use of cookies, the content embedded in the website may be used. By accepting cookies, you agree that these contents may also use cookies. 


Cookies are used to improve the services we offer for you. In this context,  the cookies makes easy the use of NEYİVAR;  allows performance of infrastructure improvement works for easier and faster delivery of the service with the function of measuring how often and by how many people the services provided are used; and by activating the device recognition function, there is no need to enter the same information repeatedly during the filling of the web content; and by analyzing the anonymous data collected, any necessary service improvements are identified. 


You are able to refuse, deactivate and delete the cookies on the setting menu of your browser.  General description of changing the cookie preference on your browser is available at As your cookie preferences are managed on your browser, you will also need to renew your opt-out preferences when you use a different browser or purchase a new computer. 

- Click here to disable the cookies managed by Google Analytics 

- Click here to manage the customized advertisement experience provided by Google 

- Preferences intended for the cookies used by many companies for advertisement activities can 
be managed via Your Online Choices. 

- You can use your mobile device’s settings menu to make changes to the cookie preferences of 
your mobile devices. 

Please note that if cookies are rejected or deleted, some of NEYİVAR's features or services may not function smoothly, and thereby your NEYİVAR experience may be affected. NEYİVAR cookies are used under NEYİVAR Privacy Policy and NEYİVAR Cookie Policy and it reserves its right to amend the terms of use for the cookies and Cookie Policy.