Olive Oil & Butter


Traditional and Healthy Types of Oil

A portion of food without any oil or butter is unthinkable, especially in Turkish cuisine. Turkish olive oil gives the meals that are prepared with it not only a unique fragrance but also a delicious taste. Ayvalık olive oil, for instance, is a unique and nutritious type of olive oil you can find at Neyivar. Geyikli olive oil, yet another delectable olive oil sold on Neyivar, is unlike any other olive oil you can find at your local supermarket, with its high nutritional value and delicious flavour. Thanks to their origins, the oils and kinds of butter you can find at Neyivar all have different health benefits and flavours. These products you can find at Neyivar will take you right to its hometown and let you sample different types of flavours. Meeting new cultures and trying out new tastes is that easy with Neyivar.

Safely Cook with Regional and Nutritious Oils with Neyivar

Regional, natural, healthy, high-quality, and, most importantly, only geographically marked, and you can find registered items in Neyivar. When you eat a dish made with Aydin olive oil, the taste will transport you to Aydin. When you eat a dish made with Erdemit olive oil, the flavor will transport you to Balikesir. You will have the opportunity to try these excellent local products in the comfort of your kitchen at home since Neyivar delivers these traditional, fresh, and well-known oils to your home. When it comes to its goods, organic and freshness are also crucial to Neyivar. Neyivar exclusively works with registered firms renowned in their region and stresses cleanliness to ensure that every product you order is delivered securely to your kitchen. Therefore, you may enjoy classic Turkish dishes cooked with traditional Turkish oils without worrying about their healthiness or flavor since every product at Neyivar is organic and fresh.

Oil and Butter Varieties are on Neyivar

It's virtually impossible to tell whether the oils you buy from Neyivar are organic, fresh, or natural. So cooking with the oils you buy from Neyivar is beneficial to your health and taste because they are organic, fresh, natural and most importantly, geographically marked and registered! Only organic and regionally recognised items are available in Neyivar, such as pastramis, Turkish dumpling. So you may cook with confidence.



Olive Oil

Organic and Traditional Olive Oil Varieties

Many master olive oil producers in Turkey produce organic and local olive oils. You can find the most natural, organic, traditionally made, registered, and geographically marked types of olive oil in Neyivar. Organic extra-virgin olive oil is a type of oil obtained in its natural state, without any chemical treatment, without any additives, by squeezing directly from the fruit of the olive tree. If you want to decorate your meals, salads, and appetizers with pure olive oil, you don't have to go far to buy the best quality and organic olive oil. Neyivar delivers it fresh to your door. Neyivar delivers local olive oils such as Ayvalik olive oil, Mut olive oil, Aydın Memecik olive oil, and Tarsus Sarıulak olive oil to your doorstep. In addition, you should not doubt that the olive oils you will buy from Neyivar are produced by experts and produced in entirely organic and natural ways. The essence of the matter is that the local olive oil varieties in Neyivar will allow you to take a tour all over Turkey in your own home, make you feel the Aegean breezes in your kitchen, and introduce yourself to different cultures.

Safely Consume Local, Delicious, and High-Quality Olive Oils with Neyivar

The olive oils in Neyivar are natural, organic, high quality, local, and most importantly, geographically marked and registered. Neyivar brings these famous and organic flavors to your door, so you don't have to travel long distances to experience the well-known olive oils of the Aegean. With Neyivar, you can ensure that olive oils add a completely different atmosphere to your tables and reach your kitchen most freshly and organically. In addition, Neyivar establishes partnerships by ensuring that the companies it works with are famous in their regions and that they produce according to hygiene standards. As a result, you can safely consume the best quality and healthy olive oils and add new flavors to your tables.

Traditional Types of Olive Oils Are On Neyivar

We should also pay attention to the fact that olive oils are fresh and organic. If you want to buy organic olive oil without any problems, Neyivar is just for you. Neyivar is for organic, traditional, famous, geographically marked, and registered products such as kebabs, syrup desserts, honey, and dairy products. Therefore, you can find naturally produced, delicious, registered, and geographically marked olive oils on Neyivar.


Natural Butter

Among the local, natural, high quality, registered and geographically marked products available at Neyivar are butter varieties. The organic butter you will buy from Neyivar will add a unique flavor to your breakfast and meals and you will feel as if you have traveled to another land with its wonderful smell. Due to your daily work and responsibilities, you may not have the opportunity to eat local butters in their own places like Trabzon, but Neyivar brings Trabzon Tonya butter to your doorstep. All you need to do to meet with natural butters at your breakfast tables is to order from Neyivar, which sells natural butter. You can be sure that the orders you place from Neyivar will reach your home in the fastest and freshest way. To make a long story short, the organic village butter available at Neyivar will take you from region to region, introduce you to different cultures and make you feel the air of different regions. Every product you buy from Neyivar will take you to the homeland of that product. Thanks to Neyivar, getting to know different cultures and meeting quality, traditional and local flavors is just a phone call away. If you want to add a completely different atmosphere to your tables with delicious natural butters and make your loved ones happy, you can easily order butter from Neyivar. 

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