Solid Soap

Among our solid soaps, there are options that support natural and healthy skin care.

Classic 100% Herbal Olive Oil Marseille Soap is a traditional formula that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin with natural olive oil.

Goat's Milk Natural Olive Oil Solid Soap is formulated with rich goat's milk to nourish, soften and moisturize the skin. Combined with natural olive oil content, it protects your skin naturally.

Donkey Milk Solid Soap with Natural Olive Oil stands out with its unique ingredients. While nourishing, renewing and moisturizing the skin, natural olive oil protects your skin.

Laurel Soap, enriched with laurel extracts, offers an invigorating cleansing for the skin. Enriched with natural ingredients, this soap refreshes your skin and provides a feeling of freshness.

These soaps, each carefully prepared with natural ingredients, provide natural care while gently cleansing your skin. Choose the most suitable one for your skin and enjoy natural beauty.

Edirne Mis Fruit Soaps are ornamental and decorative soaps that attract attention with their elegant designs and various fruit flavors.

Presented in a small size basket, Edirne Mis Fruit Soap consists of small soaps, each carefully designed and colored. This stylish design provides a decorative touch in your home or at special events.

Edirne Mis Fruit Soap (Can Plum) offers a refreshing experience with its fresh pear fragrance. Decorated with fine details, this soap offers a visual feast.

Presented in a medium-sized basket, Edirne Mis Fruit Soap is a collection enriched with an elegant appearance and various fruit aromas. These soaps add color and elegance to your home decoration.

Edirne Mis Fruit Soap (Apricot Soap) provides an impressive feeling with its fresh apricot scent. With its colorful and eye-catching design, this soap is ideal for decorative use.

Edirne Mis Fruit Soaps, which come in Gold Series Yellow Pear, Green Pear and other fruit varieties, are prepared with carefully selected ingredients. These luxurious soaps are the ideal choice for those looking for elegance and style.

Edirne Mis Fruit Soaps with Fresh Quince, Orange, Golden Apple and other fresh fruit aromas attract attention with their vibrant colors and natural scents. These soaps are perfect for adding joy and vitality to any environment.

Edirne Mis Fruit Soaps are available in various sizes and designs, which gives you a choice according to your preference and needs. These handcrafted soaps are a great option to decorate your home or events.

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