Types of Local, Famous, and Natural Beverages

There are plenty of traditional, registered, and quality products in Neyivar from its region. Among these, some drinks are indigenous to different areas. While drinking the Rize Tea you bought from Neyivar, you will feel like you are breathing the windy air of the Black Sea region, and while you are drinking Adana Salgam, you will feel like you are cooling off in the warming heat of Adana. Contrary to the ones you buy from the market ready and packaged, The products you will buy from Neyivar will be organic, famous, and fresh from its region. In this way, you will be sipping Velimese Boza, Bucak Salep, Kırklareli Hardaliye, Antep Menengic Coffee in your kitchen with peace of mind. The local drinks from Neyivar will make you feel the atmosphere of different regions, show you around the region, and introduce you to other cultures. With every product you buy from Neyivar, you will take a tour of the homeland of that product. Thanks to Neyivar, sipping quality, traditional, regional, geographically marked, and registered drinks and meeting with different cultures are just one step away.

With Neyivar, You Can Safely Consume Fresh, Famous and Local Drinks

The products in Neyivar are regional, quality, natural, organic, and most importantly, geographically marked and registered. Neyivar brings traditional, famous, and fresh drinks to your kitchen. Thus, you can drink Adana’s Aslama in Adana's bazaar without going to Adana and drink Urfa Licorice Sherbet, which will cool you on the hot days of Sanliurfa.     In addition, Neyivar gives great importance to the products you will buy are organic and fresh. Collaborating only with registered companies famous in their region and attaching maximum extent to hygiene, Neyivar makes sure that any beverage you order comes to your kitchen fresh, organic, high quality, and naturally. Thanks to Neyivar, you have the chance to sip the famous drinks from all over Turkey without worrying about whether the products are organic, healthy, fresh, and delicious.

Drinks are at Neyivar

The drinks we consume must be organic and fresh. Purchasing beverages from Neyivar is the best option for you. Many beverage options in Neyivar, such as tea, salgam, boza, sahlep, and coffee, are geographically marked and registered local products. You can serve the drinks you bought from Neyivar with peace of mind. 

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