Tahini and Molasses

Natural and Regional Types of Tahini and Molasses

There are many geographically marked, registered, traditional and local products in Neyivar. Tahini and molasses, indispensable for our breakfast tables, are among them. The steppe tahini, which you can find in Neyivar, is very easy to digest as it is double roasted and has a darker color. Karnavas mulberry molasses, which you can also find in Neyivar, is much healthier as it contains less sugar compared to other molasses. Neyivar has many different types of tahini and molasses, such as Zile molasses, Antep molasses, Fethiye tahini, Sivan mulberry molasses, and Duzce sugar cane molasses.

Moreover, Neyivar brings products from this delicious region to your door. Also, rest assured that each tahini and molasses variety you will buy from Neyivar is organic, local, and fresh. Long story short, the different types of molasses and tahini available in Neyivar will introduce you to cultures from all over Turkey, make you feel the atmosphere of other regions, and take you to the homeland of that product. With Neyivar, you are only one step away from meeting different cultures and having the chance to experience local, high quality, traditional, and most importantly, geographically marked and registered flavors.

Safely Eat Organic Tahini and Molasses Varieties with Neyivar

The products in Neyivar are natural, organic, high quality, and most importantly, geographically marked and registered. Neyivar brings these traditional and famous flavors to your kitchen, so you can taste Antep molasses without going to Gaziantep. Likewise, you can consume Karnavas mulberry molasses without ever needing to hit the roads of Erzurum. In addition, fresh and organic products are of primary importance for Neyivar. Collaborating only with famous companies in their region that attach great importance to hygiene, Neyivar makes sure that every product you buy is organic and fresh and delivers it to your door. Thanks to Neyivar, you get the chance to taste delicacies from every corner of Turkey without question.

Regional and Fresh Tahini and Molasses Types are on Neyivar

We all love to consume tahini and molasses, the inseparable duo of our breakfast tables, which we eat with different pastries and dairy products. Still, the tahini and molasses we consume must be fresh and organic. Unfresh tahini and molasses can reduce the pleasure we get from breakfast, the day's most important meal. Fortunately, thanks to Neyivar, you don't have to worry about such matters. There are geographically marked and registered products in Neyivar. With Neyivar, you can easily access organic tahini, local, fresh breakfast products, such as breakfast puree and jam. You can consume the tahini and molasses you buy from Neyivar at your breakfast table with your family and friends with peace of mind.

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