Neyivar offers a wide range of options for snack lovers. For those who cannot give up traditional flavors, there are classic flavors such as tarhana chips and snack tarhana chips, while you can also meet the special wheat chips of the Rivos brand. One of Rivos' various flavors, hot and sour wheat chips, delights the palate with its spicy and sour notes, while steak wheat chips attract meat lovers. In addition, Rivos' wheat chips enriched with seasonal greens are a favorite for those looking for a healthy and fresh snack.

Each chip is made with carefully selected and high quality ingredients, offering a delicious snack alternative. Whether you're watching a movie at home, meeting friends or taking a break at work, this variety of crisps can always be there for you. Ideal for those who care about healthy eating, wheat chips can be preferred as a filling and nutritious snack.

The crisps category on our website has a wide range of products that will appeal to people of all age groups and tastes. From tarhana chips to Rivos wheat chips, you will surely find a flavor that suits you. Carefully packaged and guaranteed freshness, these snacks will complement your shopping experience and enhance your snacking pleasure.

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