Regional, Natural and Famous Types of Desserts

There are many traditional, high-quality, and registered products on the Neyivar. You’ll feel you’re walking on a warm summer night in Gaziantep while eating Antep baklava and Antep katmer and you’ll feel like you’re walking through famous bazaars of Kahramanmaras while eating Maras ice cream. There are many other traditional types of desserts in Neyivar such as Kemalpasa dessert, Van cake, Antep cookies, Konya farina halva, and many more. All in all, the desserts you can buy from Neyivar will take you on a journey to different regions of Turkey, make you feel the cool breeze of different cities, and meet other cultures. All of the products you buy from Neyivar will take you to its homeland. Thanks to Neyivar, it is much easier to meet other cultures, visit all corners of Turkey and try traditional delights.

Safely Eat Delicious and Famous Desserts with Neyivar

In Neyivar, products are local, organic, natural, high-quality, and, most importantly, geographically marked and registered. Since Neyivar brings traditional, fresh, and well-known desserts to your home, you will feel as if you have tasted the stuffed kadayif in Erzurum and the hamsiköy rice pudding in Trabzon Hamsiköy without having to travel to Trabzon, and you will have the opportunity to try these delightful local products in the comfort of your home kitchen. Furthermore, Neyivar places a high value on organic and freshness in their products. They ensure that every dessert you purchase is delivered safely to your kitchen by only working with companies who are registered, well-known in their region, and prioritize hygiene. Because every product in Neyivar is organic and fresh, you can experience classic Turkish delicacies without thinking about their healthiness or taste.


Types of Desserts are on Neyivar

Nowadays, it is hard to be sure if the desserts you buy from the store are organic and fresh. Using ingredients or eating desserts that are not fresh may cause the taste of the said dessert to deteriorate while eating desserts that are not organic is sure to cause major unforeseen health issues in the long term. In Neyivar, you can find organic and locally registered products. Neyivar brings organic and fresh products that are locally produced right to your doorstep. You can offer the desserts such as syrup desserts, milky desserts, Turkish delight, confectionery, you buy from Neyivar to your guests or let your little ones eat them without a doubt in your head since they’re organic, fresh, and delicious.

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