Thrace's Healing Drink: hardaliye

The benefits of Thrace's healing drink Hardaliye do not end with counting. Let's find out what Hardaliye is, which is said to help solve heart attacks and many diseases, and which diseases it is good for.

Hardaliye is the famous drink of Kırklareli province, whose main ingredient is made from grapes. Hardaliye, which is obtained by using ripe grapes, does not contain alcohol. This drink, which is not known by many people but has many benefits, takes its name from the mustard seeds put in it.

Benefits of Hardaliye

What makes hardaliye so special is not only its flavor but also the healing it gives people. The benefit of hardaliye comes from the ingredients it contains. The drink made by fermenting grapes is a powerful antioxidant. It helps strengthen the body's immunity. So what is hardaliye good for?

It is protective against cardiovascular diseases. It is also effective against germ-caused diseases as it has the ability to cleanse the body from toxins.  It is also good for blood pressure, one of the important diseases of our age. It helps blood pressure patients to balance their blood pressure significantly. Another benefit of hardaliye is to regulate the circulatory system. Good results will be obtained if individuals with circulatory system disorders consume the drink. Finally, the drink, which contains many useful products, contains a high amount of minerals beneficial to the human body.

How to Make Hardaliye?

The important factor to consider in making hardaliye is the quality of the products used. This quality of hardaliye comes from ripe fresh grapes collected from the famous grape fields of Thrace. The question that those who have tasted it and want to drink it again are curious about is how hardaliye is made. Although it may seem difficult, it is actually not a dauntingly difficult drink to make. You can easily prepare it when you have the necessary ingredients on hand. The necessary ingredients for making hardaliye are as follows:

Red-purple grapes of the Cardinal variety. Important note, it is very important that the grapes are ripe. You can pick your grapes that will reach sufficient ripeness in October and November from Kırklareli vineyards.
Hardaliye is traditionally prepared in special barrels. However, since barrels are hard to find, a large, coverable container will suffice.
Black mustard  seeds
Cherry leaves


4 Steps to a delicious hardaliye recipe?

Step: Wash the fresh grapes that you have carefully picked.
Step: Crush the washed grapes in a large and coverable container.
Step: Add cherry leaves and mustard seeds to the crushed grapes.
Step: After adding all the ingredients, cover the container and let it rest for at least 10 days. 

The mustard  seeds used at this stage give the drink its flavor and at the same time prevent the drink from turning into wine. After 10 days, your rested drink will be ready. Remember to store it in a cold environment. Enjoy your meal.

Before consuming the drink, you should pay attention to how often it should be consumed. Although it is a useful drink, as with everything, excessive consumption of hardaliye can harm people. According to the experts, 2 cups of hardaliye to be drunk daily will meet the mineral needs required for the body. We recommend that individuals who are pregnant or have serious illnesses adjust the amount to drink in consultation with their doctor.

Atatürk's National Drink Suggestion

Hardaliye is a drink unique to Kırklareli, which dates back to the Ottoman period, is quite old and has an important place in our culture. When we look at the history of the drink, the most important event we come across takes place during the republican years. In various sources, the event is described as follows: In 1930, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who came to Kırklareli, was offered hardaliye during his visit. Atatürk, who liked the drink very much, instructed the people who were with him, saying that hardaliye should be the national drink.

You can examine Hardaliye, which is the geographically marked product of Kırklareli and declared as a national drink by Atatürk, from our neyivar.com site and learn Hardaliye prices.

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