What are Nuts?

Nuts are obtained by drying or roasting fruit or vegetable seeds in the sun. During these heat processes, additions such as salt and sugar are also made to make the seeds more delicious. 

Types and Benefits of Nuts

What are the benefits of nuts, which is such a frequently consumed food, many consumers have thought about what nuts are good for. Nuts; Shelled nuts can be categorized as shelled nuts, unshelled nuts, roasted nuts, raw nuts. For example, the answer to the question of what are unshelled nuts will be nuts such as cashew or unshelled hazelnut inside, walnut inside, inner pistachios. Nuts are among the most frequently consumed snacks of many people due to their ease of transportation and transportation, satiety and benefits. 

Nuts are foods rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and natural fats. Therefore, they have many benefits for the human body. Nuts are a good source of energy, regulate blood pressure, aid digestion, support brain health, beautify the skin, and help fight many diseases such as cancer. Especially the healthiest types of nuts are raw nuts. The question of what raw nuts are gains importance here. Raw nuts are nuts that do not contain additional salt or sugar that have not been roasted in oil. Raw nuts prices are more or less similar to the prices of roasted processed nuts. Therefore, it is frequently preferred by people who want to eat healthy.

How Many Nuts Should We Consume Daily?

Although the benefits of nuts, which are indispensable for snacks, are high, excessive consumption will be harmful. While consuming nuts within certain limits can support the weight loss process, excessive consumption can also cause weight gain due to their high calorie values. The answer to the question of how much nuts we should eat daily for people who want to lose weight is determined by experts from 7 grams to 59 grams. This measure corresponds to one palm of the person.

When Should Nuts Be Consumed?

Nuts are foods that can be consumed at many times of the day. For example, it is a good choice to satisfy hunger after dinner. It is also an option recommended by many nutritionists for snacks during the day. If a person is following a specific nutrition program, he/she should ask the nutritionist when to consume nuts or how much nuts should be eaten. 

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