Natural, Quality and Fresh Breakfast Products

Neyivar offers a wide range of fresh, traditional, high quality and registered local products. You will feel as if you have traveled all over Turkey while serving breakfast products such as cheese, olives, honey, jam, pate, butter, tahini, etc. to your family's breakfast table. The breakfast products at Neyivar invite you to taste new flavors at your breakfast table at affordable prices.

Neyivar Turkish Breakfast Products That Are Natural and High-Quality

You can find fresh, high-quality, traditional products at Neyivar, and they are from its registered region right to your door. Steppe tahini, which is at Neyivar, in contrast to other tahinis, is from its region, and master tahini makers broil the sesame used in its production on a wood fire. Tokat’s zile tahini, unlike other tahinis, is produced as white. Instead of refined sugar, it includes fermented grape juice. While eating Giresun’s hazelnut butter brought to your house with no effort of yours, you will feel as if you went to the Blacksea region. Neyivar brings many other breakfast products from their regions to your kitchens, such as Karnavas mulberry molasses, Tarakli ugut dessert, Fethiye tahini, and Van rose jam.

To sum up, products found at Neyivar will take you from region to region and introduce you to other cultures. All the products you purchase from Neyivar will take you to their hometown. Thanks to Neyivar, getting to know different cultures and high-quality, traditional, regional delicacies is just a step ahead.

Safely Eat High-Quality And Regional Breakfast Products

Like the other products found at Neyivar, breakfast products are also organic, high-quality, natural, and geographically marked and registered. With the means of Neyivar, without going to Kahramanmaras or Duzce, you gain the chance of tasting Maras peanut butter or Duzce sugar cane molasses, and Neyivar even brings them to your house. The benefits of molasses and tahini are too many to count, and Neyivar doubles these benefits! Besides, to Neyivar, organic and fresh products are of the utmost importance. Collaborating with officially registered firms only reputed in their regions and highly cared for hygiene makes sure that breakfast products you ordered are safely delivered.  Thus, you can put them on your table with a clear conscience. Thanks to Neyivar, you can taste all the famous delicacies in Turkiye without any doubt.

Fresh And Delicious Breakfast Products At Neyivar

Because breakfast products generally consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, milk products, etc., consuming these foods fresh and organic is vital. Buying products from Neyivar would be the best option. Neyivar brings to your house only geographically marked and registered products. Therefore, you can consume breakfast products purchased from Neyivar without any fear.


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