Traditional Sauce Varieties

There are plenty of fresh, traditional, quality, registered products in Neyivar. That includes natural and famous sauces too. You can add it to your meals and salads with peace of mind knowing that the Oguzeli pomegranate syrup you buy from Neyivar is the product of the pomegranates grown in Gaziantep, processed in a wood fire, and packaged untouched by hand. Oguzeli pomegranate syrup, compared to other pomegranate syrups, is more intense and contains a more delicious taste with no additives. Maras sumac syrup, obtained from sumac seeds grown in Kahramanmaraş, will add a new color to your kitchen with its sharp sourness.

On top of that, thanks to Neyivar, you will be able to taste these great flavors from your kitchen. The sauces from Neyivar will take you from region to region, introduce you to different cultures, and take you to the product’s homeland. Neyivar makes it easy to get to know other cultures and taste traditional, quality, local, geographically marked and registered dishes. Besides, every product in Neyivar is of high quality, organic, and, most importantly, geographically marked and registered. Thus, you can consume the sauces from the region you buy from Neyivar, unlike other sauces you can buy from the market, without doubting their freshness and organicity.

What is the Shelf Life of Sauces?

The shelf life of sauces can range according to their sort, quality, and contents. Since the pomegranate syrup you buy from Neyivar doesn’t contain additives, you can preserve it in an airtight container with a moisture-free, away from sunlight. Moreover, since sumac syrup can absorb moisture, you should take special care to store it in a non-humid environment. You can preserve both pomegranate syrup and sumac syrup in a moisture-free area of your refrigerator for up to 1 year.

Types of Organic and Delicious Sauces at Neyivar

It is an important topic that the sauces used to enhance the flavour of the dishes have to be organic and fresh. That’s why Neyivar is the best option. Neyivar brings geographically marked and registered local products to your door. From organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, you can purchase many products from Neyivar, such as sweets, breakfast products, dry foods, and snacks, and serve them on your table. 

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