Handmade Rainbow Patterned Beadwork Eyeglass Lanyard

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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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The handcrafted product is designed like a rainbow with mixed-color crystal beads. This carefully crafted item is durable and provides a stylish way to carry your glasses. The part that attaches to the glasses is made of plastic material. Length: 73 cm.

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Handmade rainbow patterned beaded eyeglass string is a unique accessory that reflects your style and personality. This eyeglass string features an eye-catching rainbow pattern embroidered with colorful beads.

Carefully handcrafted by hand, this eyeglass string not only carries your glasses safely but also complements your style. The vibrant colors of the rainbow pattern blend perfectly with any outfit and bring joy and energy to any occasion.

The eyeglass string is easy to use and fits standard eyeglass frames. It is ideal for both everyday use and special events. Plus, being handmade gives it a special and personal touch.

This eyeglass string is perfect for those looking for a colorful and fun style. It is also a great gift alternative for those who love handmade details and wearing unique accessories.

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