Gaziantep Wooden Mother of Pearl Inlay Coffee Presentation Tray

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Shipping Time 1 week

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Our wooden mother-of-pearl inlay coffee serving tray is for 6 people and is a local product from Gaziantep, used to serve Turkish coffee, sherbet, water, etc. on special occasions. Its length is 50 cm, its width is 20 cm and its height is 2.5 cm.

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The serving tray with antique metal cast handles, walnut legs, and elegant ornaments decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay technique is such a masterpiece. In our region, it is generally used to present treats such as Turkish coffee, water and sherbet during special visits, marriage ceremony and other holy days.

Every detail of this tray has been shaped with extraordinary handcraftsmanship. The wear on its metal handles bears the traces of time and tells a story from the past. Wooden legs offer durability and naturalness and come to life with the warm color of walnut.

The mother-of-pearl inlay technique offers a magnificent visual on the surface of the tray. Finely crafted motifs dazzle the eyes and become the symbol of elegance. Each line, each pattern is a reflection of the labor of the masters and tradition.

The dimensions of this tray have been carefully determined: Its length is 50 cm, its width is 20 cm and its height is 2.5 cm. These dimensions provide both ease of use and an aesthetic balance.

The story of this tray goes beyond just an item. It is part of our culture, a symbol of our hospitality. The meaning it carries means much more than just the presentation of a few drinks.

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