Antep Baklava 4 Kg Tray

Koçak Baklava





Shipping Time

1-3 gün

Shipping Time 1-3 gün

Minimum Order


4 Kg Tray (Tray Cost is Included in the Price for 110-112 Slices)

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Duration: 5 days in winter, 3 days in summer. We always offer this great flavor special to the seasons in a fresh and delicious way.

Recommendation: For a taste worthy of a sultan's table, you can warm the baklava you buy in the winter months slightly before eating it. This will make the flavors of the delicious ingredients in the baklava stand out even more.

Storage Conditions: Store your product in a cool and moisture-free environment to preserve its freshness and flavor.

Natural Sugar Warning: There may be sugaring due to the natural sugar used in our products. This does not affect product quality, on the contrary, it is an indicator of naturalness.

Order and Shipping Information: Orders placed after 16.00 on Wednesdays and Thursday-Friday are carefully prepared and shipped on Saturday. Orders placed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday until 16:00 are shipped on the same day. In this way, our freshest products reach you.

Ingredients: Our baklava, prepared according to the special recipe of the Sultan, contains flour, eggs, starch, sugar, fresh peanuts, clarified butter and cream. It does not contain any preservatives and additives and is produced with completely natural ingredients.

Sultan's Palate Pleasure: We, as the Sultan's Palate Pleasure brand, are proud to offer you the highest quality and delicious baklava. Order now to experience this unique product, which is the choice of those looking for naturalness and flavor!

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