Malkara Aged Kasseri Cheese 500 Gr

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Freshly collected and prepared milk is collected when the animals are most productive. Production starts in May and continues until July. The prepared milk is purified from the bacteria in it with the help of machines and made ready for production. Pure sheep, goat, cow milk, natural rennet (shirden), and sea salt are required in the production of Thrace Old Kashkaval Cheese.

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It is prepared naturally by hand kneading from sunrise to sunset. Cheddar cheese prepared in molds is kept in special coolers for 8 months until it reaches its delicious taste. You will love the taste of the cheese, which great effort has been made to produce after you taste the flavor inside with its outer shell and you will not miss it on your table.

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Eski kaşar tüketiriz genelde, bunu da deneemk istedik. Kargo hızlıydı paketleme iyi teşk

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ilk kez tattim cok basarili