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Are you ready for an exciting flavor journey? We invite you to discover Hatay's geographically indicated special products.

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Add a touch of nar ekşisi to your dishes, spice up your table with Samandağ acı biber turşusu, and naturally pamper your skin with defne sabunu.

Just a click away, take a refreshing break with tuzlu yoğurt, savor the unique taste of halhali zeytin, indulge in Hatay çıtır kabak tatlısı, and immerse yourself in the delicate art of traditional Antakya kömbesi. Moreover, you can find the most delicious and fresh versions of ceviz reçeli in our special hamper.

Now, join us to explore these unforgettable flavors and take advantage of our special introductory prices. We are just one click away from discovering Hatay's culinary treasures. Add it to your basket and experience these amazing tastes.


Package Included

  • Salted yoghurt 440 gr
  • Pomegranate syrup 345 g
  • Walnut jam 900 g
  • Laurel soap 1 kg
  • Hand-cracked anklet olives 430 gr
  • Traditional kombe 250 gr
  • Samandag hot pepper pickle 500 g
  • Crispy pumpkin dessert 460 g


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