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Tonya Butter is Turkey`s only butter with geographical indication. Tonya Butter is a special type of butter produced from the milk of cows raised in the Tonya district of Trabzon. These cows are fed with various fresh and dry herbs grown in meadows and pastures in the region.

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Tonya Butter is a distinctive butter made from the milk of cows raised in the Tonya district of Trabzon province. These cows are fed on a diverse range of both fresh and dried herbs that grow in the area's pastures and meadows. Traditional methods are used to produce Tonya Butter, which is renowned for its yellow color, taste, flavor, and aroma. The butter's yellow color is primarily due to the high content of natural β-Carotene.

The region of Tonya is a transitional area between the Black Sea and continental climates. The forests on the hills rising from the Black Sea coast continually attract moisture. The water vapor from the sea condenses here, often forming fog. As a result, particularly in the summer months, most days are foggy, with sunny weather more common in autumn. Average temperatures are around 20°C in summer and 6-7°C in winter. The local climate influences the vegetation, with pastures and forests covering most of the land. The milk produced by cows grazing in these meadows, which significantly impacts the quality of the butter, is distinctively rich in yellow color. Moreover, most of the cows in the region are of the Jersey breed, known for producing milk high in β-Carotene.

The fame of Tonya Butter in the region dates back to the Ottoman era. A 1887 entry in the Trabzon (Tonya) Provincial Yearbook mentioned that Tonya was known for its various fruits and crops, and its butter was highly esteemed and preferred, being sent not only to Trabzon but also to Istanbul and other places. Industrial production of Tonya Butter began in 1969 with the establishment of a dairy factory in the area, continuing the tradition passed down through generations.

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