Gulluoglu Walnut Baklava (2 Kg)

Elmacı Pazarı Güllüoğlu





Traditional Tray 2 Kg Diameter: 34 cm Height: 3.5 cm Tare Weight: 550 grams Before eating the baklava, slightly warm the bottom of the tray. Preferably it is recommended to eat warm.

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As you know, Antep Baklava is pistachio. However, not everyone will like pistachio baklava. Contrary to popular belief, before baklava was not made with peanuts, it was made with walnuts. Although 99.9% of people born in Gaziantep in the last thirty years do not know this flavor and are prejudiced against walnut baklava, the majority of all baklava produced in the world is still made with walnuts.


Maras Caglayancerit Walnut

1st quality Şanlıurfa sheep butter, procured annually in its season

Hard wheat flour for baklava

Daily pasteurized goat's milk

Sugar (granulated sugar) (No sweeteners such as SBS, glucose, etc. are used in any of our products.)

hard wheat starch


Lemon juice


Yorum Bulunmamaktadır.