Aksam Chocolate Tahini Kahke (1 Kg)

Akşam Simit





Promising happiness with every bite, Chocolate Kahke offers a delicious taste experience by combining the traditional kahke flavor with chocolate. Prepared with carefully selected ingredients, this unique snack delights the palate with its crispy exterior and soft interior.

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Chocolate Tahini Kahke: Two Great Combinations of Sweet Flavors

A magnificent interpretation of the traditional kahke flavor, Chocolate Tahini Kahke offers a unique taste experience. Filled with intense chocolate and tahini in a carefully prepared kahke dough, this snack offers a feast of flavor with its crispy exterior and smooth interior.

You will indulge yourself by feeling the harmony of chocolate and tahini in every bite and reach the peaks of flavor. A perfect option to sweeten your breakfast tables, tea pleasure or special occasions, Chocolate Tahini Kahke will enrich your taste.

Take a sweet journey by trying Chocolate Tahini Kahke, which has a special place in Neyivar's flavor world, and enjoy the magnificent combination of chocolate and tahini.

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