Tekirdağ Cheese Halva 500 Gr

Yaman Peynircilik





• It is shipped with its box.
• It is shipped within 3-5 days.
• The product weight is 500 grams.
• It is sent by Yaman Peynir from the Trakya region.

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One of the famous desserts of Tekirdağ, cheese halva, is prepared with milk from animals raised in the natural environment of Trakya. Natural ingredients such as unsalted fresh cheese, wheat flour (alternatively cornmeal or semolina), powdered sugar, and egg yolks are used to make it. The secret lies in not removing the fat from the milk during cheese production, resulting in a delicious taste from natural fat. Cheese halva, served with walnuts in winter and ice cream in summer, leaves an unforgettable taste.

We are proud to bring the taste of Tekirdağ's history and culture to our customers in every province of Turkey. Try our Tekirdağ Cheese Halva, and every bite will take you to the heart of the city.

Tekirdağ Cheese Halva was registered to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by Tekirdağ Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2020.

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