Hosmerim Dessert 50% Reduced Sugar 650 Gr

Sargın Höşmerim





  • •It is sent after being wraped with bubble wrap.
  • •It will be shipped within 3-5 days.
  • •The seller, Sargın Höşmerim, sends the product from Balıkesir.
  • •Balıkesir Höşmerim Dessert Dessert contains cow's milk cheese curd, egg, semolina, and powdered sugar. It is packaged in a plastic container.

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Discover the rich and diverse cuisine of Balıkesir, which has a unique cultural blend, and has a coastline on both the Aegean and Marmara Seas. Balıkesir's local cuisine includes a variety of dishes, from special meals served at weddings and ceremonies to daily meals of the local people. Among many dishes, höşmerim stands out as the most famous and beloved dessert. Don't miss the chance to try the unique flavors of Balıkesir's cuisine, including höşmerim, which reflects the cultural richness. Enjoy the memorable harmony of cheese and sugar.

One of the prominent features of Anatolian cuisine is the stories, poems, or legends associated with the dishes. The höşmerim story is one of them. According to the legend, the bride sends her husband to war and waits for him to return for years. However, the husband never returns, and the bride begins to think that he died in battle. Years later, the husband returns. When the bride sees him, she is overjoyed and decides to cook a meal for him. However, due to poverty, there is not much in the kitchen. The bride cooks by mixing cheese made from her only cow, eggs, sugar, and semolina. When she serves this meal to her husband, she asks, "Is it good, my erim (partner)?" Her husband responds happily, "Hoş hoş. (It's good)" Due to the story passed down from generation to generation, it is named "Höşmerim."

At Neyivar, we bring the taste of Balıkesir to every corner of Turkey, delivering höşmerim from the heart of Balıkesir. We are proud to offer only höşmerim made by traditional methods and sourced from local producers across Turkey.

So, order now and experience the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine in the comfort of your own home!

Balıkesir Höşmerim Dessert was registered to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by the Balıkesir Chef Meatballs and Similars Chamber in 2014.


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