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Kececizade Variety Pack - 2 Package 1. Kececizade Edirne Almond Paste (430 Gr) 2. Kececizade Edirne Deva-i Misk Halva (250 Gr)

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Package Ingredients:

1. Kececizade Edirne Almond Paste (430 Gr)
2. Kececizade Edirne Deva-i Misk Halva (250 Gr)


Package 1: Edirne Almond Paste 430 Gr: 

Edirne Almond Butter is a delicious and nutritious spread made from high quality roasted almonds. This traditional flavor, consumed for generations, has a rich, almond aroma and creamy texture. The almonds are crushed with water, lemon and sugar to form a paste. Known to have originated in Edirne, the dessert was carried to Europe by travelers and took its place in European cuisine under the name "Marzipan".  

The history of this dessert dates back to a recipe prepared by an Egyptian master who immigrated to the region. According to the rumors, it became famous when Murat II was offered the dessert on his return from the campaign and the sultan liked the dessert very much.  

Don't miss the opportunity to taste this unique flavor and discover the richness of Edirne cuisine. 

Edirne Marzipan was registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2021. 


Package 2: Edirne Deva-i Misk 250 Gr:

This special flavor, which has its roots in Ottoman cuisine, is presented to you with healthy and natural ingredients such as 41 kinds of spices, egg whites and honey. Deva-i Misk Halva is one of the staple foods of the Wrestlers of Edirne and leaves an intense spicy and aromatic taste on your palate at the first bite. The musk in the halva is a rare type of aroma that makes this flavor unique. 

The history of halva is rumored that one day when Murat II, the father of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan, came to Edirne, an Egyptian confectioner offered it to the sultan and the sultan gave it its name. It is known that Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan also loved this flavor very much. The special aroma in the halva has also been the source of the expression "It Smells Good". 

According to another rumor, Deva-i Misk Halva was discovered after the sultan's daughter fell ill and consulted physicians. It is thought that Deva-i Musk Halva played an important role in the healing of his daughter. The healing properties in this unique flavor were distributed free of charge to the public during the Ottoman period and served at the Bayezid II Healing Center. This unique flavor of Edirne has survived from the dusty pages of history to the present day and is still enjoyed by many people. 

 As Neyivar, we take care to ensure that this geographically marked halva is fresh and original. Try our Edirne Divan-i Misk Halva and let every bite take you to the heart of the city. 

Deva-i Misk has been licensed by Edirne Commodity Exchange in 2021.



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