Wild Strawberry Turkish Coffee 250 Gr






How about adding a new flavor to your coffee pleasure with Tahmis Mountain Strawberry Turkish Coffee? Tahmis has brought together the best mountain strawberries carefully collected for you to add different flavors to your coffee pleasure. Strawberry, which is indispensable for summer seasons, is now combined with your favorite Turkish Coffee with Tahmis.

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How to Make Wild Strawberry Turkish Coffee?


Pour one teaspoon of Tahmis Strawberry Turkish Coffee for one cup.
Add one cup of water for one cup to your coffee pot.
Add the desired amount of sugar and put the coffee pot on the stove on a light fire.
Stir the Tahmis Coffee gently, when the coffee starts to foam, divide the foam equally into each cup.
After the remaining Tahmis coffee in the coffee pot boils for one more time, divide it among the cups.
Your foamy Tahmis Strawberry Turkish Coffee is ready. Bon Appetit...

Turkish Coffee, Natural Dried Strawberry Flavor

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