Kocak Antep Baklava (1.5 Kg)(Special Square)

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1-3 gün

Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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1.5 Kg Pistachio Antep Baklava (24 Slices) Sent Fresh from Gaziantep by Kocak.

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Lots of Pistachios: This special Antep Baklava is enriched with Gaziantep's famous pistachios. There are plenty of pistachios in each slice, which brings its flavor to the peaks. Thin phyllo sheets: Baklava is carefully prepared with thin and crispy phyllo sheets. The thinness and crunchiness of the phyllo in each slice enhances the flavor. 1.5 Kg Pistachio Antep Baklava (24 Slices) is the perfect choice for special occasions, celebrations or for those who are just looking for a sweet treat. Offering the traditional flavors of Gaziantep, this baklava comes with a guarantee of quality and freshness in every slice. Indulge your loved ones or guests with this exquisite flavor and offer them an unforgettable dessert experience.

Enjoy the rich history and unforgettable flavor of baklava, a true masterpiece of Turkish cuisine. Koçak Antep Baklava Special Square is a flavor that will leave a mark on your palate. We are proud to offer the flavor of Gaziantep's history and culture to our customers in every province of Turkey. 

Antep Baklava was registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry in 2008.

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