Kececizade Almond Square Butter Cookies (250 Gr)






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Kececizade Pistachio Cookie, weighing 250 grams, is a delightful treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This cookie is a type of biscuit that is unique to the Middle East and the Balkans, prepared with ingredients such as flour, oil, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, and cocoa.

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Kececizade Butter Almond Cookies is a special biscuit that is carefully prepared and offers a flavor that will enchant dessert lovers. This delicious cookie weighs 250 grams and offers a feast made with quality ingredients.

Ingredients such as flour, butter and almonds bring together flavors unique to the Middle East and the Balkans. Each ingredient is an important component that creates the unique taste and texture of the cookie.

Kececizade Almond Cookies are ideal not only for individual enjoyment but also for sharing and savoring special moments. With its 250 gram size, it can be carried in a bag as a light and practical snack or decorate your table.

This special flavor combines traditional recipes with modern flavors, turning a cultural accumulation into a sweet experience. Kececizade Almond Cookies is a dessert alternative that will leave a pleasant memory on the palate and will please those in search of special flavors.

Each 100 grams contains the following nutritional values:

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