What Is Neyivar?

Who we are – Our Story
Man has developed a special understanding for all the civilizations he has created
historically, regarding to the needs of that period and geography.
While we are visiting our country, there are famous things special to regions. There
are foods and products for which the tour bus stops, that our friend says to stop by,
that we do not know where we heard it from, but that are identified with that town,
town or even the province when the name is mentioned. Here, our founder is
someone who is visiting these places with pleasure, spending a life trying to get a
famous product from the best place. Although it is a different matter to have a friend
everywhere, his friends always ask what to buy and where to buy when they go to
visit a place.
However, we noticed that, it is still very difficult to reach the private and authentic
products in the hustle and bustle of daily life even in the Internet age. The places we 
reached were either unreal places hidden under the name of the real brand, or they
had difficult processes to reach while being able to order from the other side of the
world with one click.
Let there be such a place that even those we do not know come and say “I wonder
WHAT THERE IS?” We want to show up when you say that. We started the visits
with a very crowded team. We first brought this subject up to the attention of
Chambers of Commerce, and then we made progress in this area with the moral
support of Fatma Şahin, whom turned Gaziantep into a food tourism paradise.
We work in the field in order to bring you only those that we accept as geographically
marked, 100-year-old brands or the stakeholders that have received a special
reference from the Chamber of Commerce, and that we are sure they are the best.
We have carried out R&D studies for all the products that you love so much but that
you do not see possible to reach by cargo.
In our collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Food Institutes, we promoted new packaging methods and tested them all in different ways. For example, we sent Erzurum Cag kebab to
Antalya in 42-degree temperature by cargo, and in the meantime, we also sent it to
the USA with a 14-hour flight. We left the taste directly to the palates of our valued
customers. With the feedback we received, we created special packaging systems
and supplier lessons.
As neyivar.com, we are endeavoring to bring together the best authentic product
stakeholders today and in the future; and we share our environment, our heart and
our relations with you.
Authencity, with you.