About Us

Neyivar.com is a marketplace that set out with the mission of preserving Turkey's cultural richness and promoting it to the world.

Our story is based on the colorful culture of Turkey and aims to make our geographically indicated products known in the country and around the world. For this purpose, our founder Eyup Özberk established Neyivar.com in 2021 as an innovation lover after an educational adventure from Gaziantep Nizip district to America.

As Neyivar, we aim to introduce the national values of our geography, to increase awareness and awareness about them, and to announce the success of our local vendors who continue to keep these values alive. We convey their stories and dreams to you firsthand through the visits we carry out for this purpose.

Neyivar includes hundreds of valuable products and manufacturers that have received geographical indication registration. Acting selectively, it keeps the bond between customers and manufacturers solid by following all operational processes transparently without compromising the quality and vision it drew on the first day.

Our Mission

Neyivar acts with the mission of not only being an e-commerce site, but also being a guide for those who want to discover Turkey's culture, history, and natural beauties.

Our vision

We are working to act as cultural ambassadors in order to announce the unique local products and stories of each of our 81 provinces and to be the voice of our producers who join the Neyivar family on this journey. By adopting well-established brands of 100 years, we display a vision that supports the entrepreneurial female power of our country.