Quality Products for Your Natural and Flavorful Iftar Tables

Wouldn't you like to get together with your loved ones during Ramadan and set the iftar table with healthy and nutritious ingredients? Here is the iftar category we have carefully selected for you, full of natural products that will enrich your iftar tables and add flavor to your meals!

1. Beans: A great option to meet your protein needs in your iftar menus, beans are a healthy and filling alternative. Bean dishes will add flavor and nutrients to your table and color your iftar.

2. Chickpeas: Chickpeas, which you can use both in main dishes and salads, are rich in protein and fiber. Spice up your iftar table with recipes such as hummus and chickpea pilaf.

3. Lentils: Quickly cooked and versatile, lentils add practicality and flavor to your iftar tables. Enrich your tables with recipes such as lentil soups or lentil meatballs.

4. Noodles: One of the indispensables of traditional Turkish cuisine, noodles provide a nostalgic touch to your iftar tables. You can use noodles in both main dishes and soups.

5. Bulgur: Bulgur, which you can use both in main dishes and salads, is a food rich in fiber. Add color to your iftar tables with recipes such as bulgur pilaf or shortening.

6. Rice: Rice, which forms the basis of many different dishes, is indispensable for your iftar tables. You can bring rice to your tables with recipes such as pilaf, dolma or chicken over rice.

7. Olive oil: Olive oil, a source of healthy fats, adds flavor to your meals and enriches your iftar tables. Olive oil, which you can use in salads, meals and appetizers, makes your iftar healthier.

8. Tarhana: Tarhana, a fermented grain product, adds flavor and nutrition to your iftar soups. Homemade tarhana soup will be one of the indispensables of your iftar tables.

9. Pickles: Pickles, the indispensable side flavor of your iftar tables, facilitate digestion and add freshness to your meals. Color your iftar tables with homemade pickles.

10.Manti: Manti, one of the most popular flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine, will add flavor and pleasure to your iftar tables. You can have a pleasant iftar table experience with your family and loved ones with homemade mantı.

With the products in this special iftar category, you can prepare healthy, nutritious and flavorful iftar tables. Spice up your iftar with natural and high quality ingredients and have a pleasant time with your loved ones. You can benefit from these suggestions to emphasize healthy nutrition during Ramadan and make your iftar tables unforgettable.

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