Crochet Scarf Lilac

Gönen Kadın Girişimi





Fabric Size: 175cm x 45cm ( + – 2 cm) It is completely handmade. Silk and floss yarns were preferred in needle lace and mercerized cotton rink yarns were preferred in crochet work.

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Pure cotton fabric is used in this product. Thanks to its lightness and special texture, the cotton type used does not weigh, does not sweat, takes shape easily and is suitable for use in all seasons.
It is an outstanding product produced by the needlework masters, which brings together the traditional and modern motifs of needle lace, the traditional handicraft of Gönen.
Only one of each of our needle lace products is produced. Therefore, there are some nuances even between two products sold with the same image. Therefore, each product is SPECIAL TO YOU and is unique and unique in the world.
Since art will never go out of fashion, it will add elegance to your elegance as an indispensable complement to your style for many years.

Our products do not contain substances harmful to human health.
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Gonen Needle Lace is registered by the Municipality of Gonen to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

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