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*Boxwood Spoon and Comb products are sent within 20 business days due to handmade and density. Our boxwood comb, crafted by our master artisan using handiwork, contains no chemicals. Length: 20 cm Origin: Tarakli (a town in Turkey known for comb-making)

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What is a boxwood comb?

A boxwood comb is a natural comb and a traditional hair care tool. Made from the wood of the boxwood tree, these combs are used for smoothly combing hair and providing a scalp massage. Detailed information about the characteristics and benefits of natural boxwood combs in hair care is provided.

History of boxwood comb

The history of boxwood combs dates back thousands of years. Combs made from natural boxwood have a long-standing tradition from ancient civilizations to the present day. In ancient civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, boxwood combs were widely used hair care tools. Hair care and beauty held significant importance in these societies, and boxwood combs were preferred for maintaining tidy hair, massaging the scalp, and incorporating them into hair care rituals.

Furthermore, in the Middle Ages, boxwood combs remained popular. Over time, the techniques and designs for making combs evolved, but those made from natural boxwood remained preferred tools for hair care.

Today, boxwood combs continue to be popular among those seeking natural and organic hair care products. Combs made from natural materials are favored over plastic or metal combs as they contribute to keeping hair healthy and shiny. The tradition of boxwood combs, passed down from ancient times to the modern era, continues to thrive in an age where there is increasing interest in natural hair care.

How to Identify a Genuine boxwood comb?

Genuine boxwood combs have distinctive features to distinguish them from counterfeit products. In this text, you can find information on how to differentiate real boxwood combs from fake ones. The characteristics, structure, and advantages of original boxwood combs in hair care are discussed.

Benefits of boxwood comb

A boxwood comb is a hair care tool made from natural boxwood that serves the purpose of smoothly combing hair and providing a scalp massage. Some benefits of using a boxwood comb include:

Hair Health and Shine: Using a boxwood comb can enhance the natural shine of hair and contribute to a healthier scalp. The unique structure of natural boxwood can help evenly distribute hair oils along the strands.

Reduced Hair Loss: Boxwood combs can gently massage the scalp, which can increase blood circulation. This, in turn, may help nourish hair follicles better and reduce hair loss.

Less Hair Breakage: The teeth of boxwood combs are less rigid and more flexible than plastic combs. As a result, they can cause less hair breakage and prevent damage, leading to healthier hair.

Natural Hair Care: Boxwood combs are made from a natural material, the boxwood tree, making them a preferred choice over combs containing chemicals. By avoiding chemicals, they can help preserve the natural structure of the hair.

Scalp Massage: The gentle massage on the scalp while using a boxwood comb can stimulate hair growth and contribute to a vibrant and fuller appearance of the hair.

Natural Insect Repellent: The distinctive aroma of boxwood has insect-repelling properties. Therefore, boxwood combs can also serve as a natural insect repellent.

When using a boxwood comb, it is important to comb with gentle movements to prevent tangling and breakage of the hair. Additionally, regular cleaning and natural drying of the comb are recommended. Besides using a boxwood comb in hair care, it is essential not to neglect other hair care routines



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