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Shipping Time 3-5 days

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Fresh kolot cheese will take its place among the organic cheeses you will enjoy with its melting texture, unique aroma, and flavor. Fresh kolot cheese is one of the cheeses that have a stretching texture when melted. It can also be used as an alternative to kashar cheese in pizzas and pide. Fresh kolot cheese is a medium-soft cheese that can be stored in covered glass containers in the refrigerator.

Where is Kolot Cheese used?

Kolot Cheese is a beloved cheese from Turkey's Black Sea region. It is particularly preferred in kuymak (a traditional dish) due to its easy melting structure. Although Kolot Cheese is not typically consumed on its own, its melting ability makes it a part of various recipes. When heated, it is preferred in pizzas, baked dishes, and grilled sandwiches. It also adds flavor to salads, sandwiches, and cheese platters when served cold. This cheese is also a good source of protein and calcium, making it a nutritious addition to your diet. Whether you are a cheese lover or looking to try something new, Kolot Cheese is definitely worth tasting!

What is Kolot cheese?

Kolot Cheese is a unique cheese made from the milk of animals grazing in the lush meadows of the Black Sea region. Similar in texture to kashar cheese, Kolot Cheese is typically made from full-fat cow's milk, giving it a rich, creamy taste. Whether enjoyed in regional dishes like "muhlama" and "kuymak" or simply with crusty bread, Kolot Cheese is loved by food enthusiasts worldwide. If you want to add authentic, regional flavors to your kitchen, discover Kolot Cheese.

What kind of cheese is Kolot cheese?

Kolot cheese is a cheese primarily used in the preparation of kuymak. It is made from the milk of animals that have grazed in the mountains of the Black Sea region and shares similarities with kashar cheese. Made from full-fat cow's milk, this cheese imparts the distinctive flavor of kuymak and has become synonymous with it.

What cheese is Kolot cheese similar to?

Kolot cheese is similar to kashar cheese, as both cheeses have a melting and stretching texture when heated and harden when cooled. Both are made from full-fat cow's milk. However, Kolot cheese is specific to the Black Sea region and has differences in its production process.


Store at 2-4°C. Allergy warning: Contains lactose.

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The products are prepared under hygienic conditions and are sent in vacuum-sealed packages suitable for long-lasting consumption.

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