Goat Cheese 700 Gr

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Feta cheese, which is indispensable for breakfast tables, is on your tables with its popular taste. From the moment you eat it, you will notice its freshness and feel its milk-filled taste on your palate.

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White cheese, a beloved staple on breakfast tables, graces your fresh dining experience with its cherished flavor. From the moment you take a bite, you'll notice its freshness and the milk-filled taste on your palate. We offer you the most natural form of cheese, never compromising on quality. This flavor is produced without reducing its fat content or compromising its nutritional value, containing no preservatives or additives. It's the story of the fusion of pure goat and cow milk sourced entirely from the Thrace region, with rennet and sea salt, guided by human ingenuity and craftsmanship. It's expected to mature for a minimum of 8 months until it reaches an irresistible taste.

How Is Goat Cheese Produced?

The production of goat cheese starts with the collection of healthy and clean goat milk. This milk undergoes pasteurization to eliminate harmful microorganisms while preserving its nutritional value. Subsequently, the milk is fermented with special cheese culture or yeast, leading to acidification and coagulation. The formed curd is cut, separating the whey (cheese whey). Then, the curd is placed into molds or specific shapes and salted. The cheese is left to mature for a certain period, allowing it to develop its flavor and distinctive characteristics.

What to Consider When Buying Goat Cheese?

When purchasing goat cheese, there are essential factors to keep in mind, including the quality of the cheese, its ingredients, age, maturity, storage conditions, producer information, and origin. High-quality goat cheese should be fresh and flavorful, free from additives, and properly presented under suitable storage conditions. Opting for reliable brands and sourcing from local producers or reputable markets is crucial. Considering the age and origin of the cheese, you can select the goat cheese that best suits your preferences.

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