İsli Çerkez Peyniri 400 gr

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Shipping Time

3-5 days

Shipping Time 3-5 days

Minimum Order


  • Shipped within 1-3 days.
  • Shipped in vacuum-sealed packaging.
  • Ingredients: Cow's Milk (Addition of sheep milk according to the season), Culture Starter, Salt.
  • Shipped from Çanakkale by Yükseloğulları Milk and Dairy Products.

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Experience the unique taste of İsli Çerkez Peyniri, the famous cheese variety from the Adapazarı region! This Yöre İsli Çerkez Peyniri has a sharp and strong flavor, and a beautiful light beige color, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the local community. Prepared with great care and respect for tradition, İsli Çerkez Peyniri travels from farms to your table. It is positioned among the regional cheeses and is known as one of the most beloved and consumed cheeses in Turkey.

At Neyivar, we take pride in delivering this and other cheese products' exceptional taste experience right to your doorstep!

Cow or sheep milk is fermented and sliced, then immersed in water and dried for the production of Çerkez cheese. After shaping the cheese and placing it in a basket, it is hung slightly above the embers of a wood fire and smoked, acquiring its distinctive flavor and aroma from the heat and smoke.

Packaging boxes are for illustrative purposes.

The products are prepared under hygienic conditions and are sent in vacuum-sealed packages suitable for long-lasting consumption.

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