Antep Pistachio Butter 250 Gr

Koçak Baklava





• The Pistachio Butter is packed in small packets.
• It is shipped within 1-3 days.
• It is sent by Koçak Baklava from Gaziantep.

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This dessert has been a part of Gaziantep's culinary heritage for centuries. It is made by carefully mixing early-harvested Antep pistachios with sugar in measured proportions. The unique features of Antep Pistachio Paste/Butter are the use of high-quality Antep pistachios and our traditional production methods.

Antep Pistachio Paste has a Geographical Indication Registration and is prepared by kneading only 'Boz Inner Antep Pistachio' and sugar. This product is also a type of dessert and is offered both individually packaged (Gift Pistachio Butter) and in an open jar (Pistachio Butter) to suit your preferences.

We are proud to bring the taste of Gaziantep's history and culture to the doorstep of our customers in every city of Turkey. Try Antep Pistachio Paste, and let every bite take you to the heart of the city.

Pistachio Butter has been registered to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by Gaziantep Commodity Exchange in 2020.

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