Akkent Traditional Series Mixed Turkish Delight 900 gr

Akkent 1860





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1-3 gün

Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Box Full of Flavor: Sultan Pistachio Turkish Delight, Sultan Walnut Turkish Delight, Sarma Walnut Turkish Delight, Sultan Hazelnut Cream Turkish Delight, Fig Walnut Turkish Delight, Sultan Hazelnut Turkish Delight, Sultan Chocolate Coconut Turkish Delight, Sultan Chocolate Turkish Delight.

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Product Content:

Sultan Pistachio Turkish Delight
Sultan Walnut Turkish Delight
Wrapped Walnut Turkish Delight
Sultan Turkish Delight with Hazelnut Cream
Fig Walnut Turkish Delight
Sultan Hazelnut Turkish Delight
Sultan Chocolate Coconut Turkish Delight
Sultan Chocolate Turkish Delight

Product features:

Each box weighs 900 grams net.
It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
It should be protected from moisture and stored horizontally in a cool and dry environment.

This special box offers an experience filled with a rich variety of flavors. The carefully selected most popular varieties of the Sultan brand are ready to enrich your taste by keeping them in a cool and dry environment away from natural sunlight.

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