Kasseri Cheese 1000 Gr

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The most natural form of cheddar cheese comes to your table. The secret of the taste of cheddar cheese is to be obtained from the best quality milk of naturally fed animals.

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What Is Fresh Kashar Cheese?

Fresh Kashar cheese is a type of cheese that is often soft and has a texture and taste similar to Italy's Mozzarella cheese. As the name suggests, fresh Kashar is typically consumed as a newer and fresher cheese. This cheese is made by fermenting it with milk and cheese culture, and then it is heated to achieve an elastic texture. Fresh Kashar generally has a white color and a slightly salty taste.

What Is the Difference Between Fresh Kashar and Aged Kashar Cheese?

The primary differences between fresh Kashar and aged Kashar (or mature Kashar) include:

  1. Aging Period: Fresh Kashar has a short aging period and is usually consumed shortly after production. Aged Kashar, on the other hand, undergoes a longer aging process and can be stored for years.

  2. Taste and Texture: Fresh Kashar has a softer texture and a mild salty taste. Aged Kashar can have a more intense and firm taste.

  3. Color: While fresh Kashar is generally white, aged Kashar can have a more yellow or golden color.

Recipes with Fresh Kashar Cheese:

Fresh Kashar cheese can be used in various dishes. Here are some recipe examples using fresh Kashar:

  1. Mozzarella Sticks: You can make delicious mozzarella sticks by coating fresh Kashar cheese with batter and frying it.

  2. Caprese Salad: Prepare a tasty Caprese salad with fresh Kashar cheese slices, fresh tomatoes, and basil leaves.

  3. Pizza: Fresh Kashar is a traditional ingredient in pizza making. You can make your own pizza by adding fresh Kashar cheese slices to the pizza crust.

  4. Sandwiches: Fresh Kashar cheese slices are an excellent choice for adding to sandwiches, whether hot or cold.

  5. Hot Dishes: You can melt fresh Kashar cheese or sprinkle it on top of hot dishes. For example, it can be added to baked dishes.

Nutritional Values of Fresh Kashar Cheese:

The nutritional values of fresh Kashar cheese can vary depending on the brand and production method. Generally, fresh Kashar cheese may contain the following nutritional values:

  • Protein: It is a high source of protein.
  • Fat: It may contain a moderate amount of fat.
  • Calcium: It is a source of calcium.
  • Sodium: It can contain sodium due to its slightly salty taste.

Nutritional values can vary depending on the type of product and packaging, so reading the label is important.

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