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Atlı Gurme offers quality and taste at affordable prices to your tables with dried legumes grown in the fertile lands of Anatolia and Thrace, and 100% natural, homemade jam varieties.

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Atlı Gurme, which carries out all the processes of the products prepared under completely hygienic conditions in its modern facilities in Thrace, from the field to your table, always prioritizes the environment and people with its transparent production and good agricultural practices.

If we look at the six Gourmet Einkorn Bulgur benefits, first of all, its richness in fiber stands out. In addition to being rich in minerals and vitamins, einkorn bulgur, which has a high antioxidant content, does not contain cholesterol. Another wonder is whether einkorn bulgur contains gluten. Einkorn bulgur contains gluten, albeit less than other types of wheat. For this reason, celiac patients should be careful when consuming. When einkorn bulgur is examined in terms of calories, it is striking that there are 340 kcal calories in 100 grams.

Horse Gourmet Einkorn Bulgur is indispensable for many recipes. For example, einkorn bulgur salad is very nutritious as well as being easy to make. The einkorn bulgur is boiled until it reaches the top, and it is filtered and left to cool. Dice red onion, red pepper, pickle. Seasonal fresh spices are chopped and cherry tomatoes cut into four are added. It is a quick but satisfying and nutritious recipe. The recipe that is frequently used in einkorn bulgur cooking methods is as follows: Take the strained Atlı Gourmet Einkorn Bulgur in a suitable pot and fry it for about 1 to 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, and add tomato juice and drinking water into the pot and add salt according to your taste. When it starts to bleed, cook it on low heat for 15-25 minutes until the water is absorbed. Bon Appetit…

With its basic food products such as Osmancık rice, baldo rice, red lentils, green lentils, yellow lentils, chickpeas, beans, bulgur and its ever-expanding product range, Atlı Gurme; brings natural, reliable and healthy food alternatives to your tables.

You can easily order Atlı Gourmet products and prepare healthy and delicious meals for your loved ones. Horse Gourmet; It has ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and Halal Food certificates.

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