Black Olives Small 950 gr

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Black Olives Small 950 gr

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Discover the irresistible black olives that are a must-have on your breakfast table! The black olives we offer at Neyivar are prepared with carefully selected olives processed by expert hands. Our brine olives are flavored with a natural mixture of salt and water. Our select olives, on the other hand, are prepared from calibrated and carefully chosen olives.

These olives are meticulously cured using traditional methods and quality ingredients to preserve their natural flavors and textures. Whether you enjoy them straight from the jar, sprinkle them on your favorite salads and pizzas, or incorporate them into your preferred recipes, these olives will add a special touch.

At Neyivar, we take pride in delivering the unique flavors of these olives and similar varieties to your doorstep!


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