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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Hatay's special geographically marked salty yoghurt delights the palate with its traditional flavours. Salted yoghurt adds a special touch to your tables by offering a healthy and delicious option.

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Hatay's unique geographically indicated product, salty yoghurt, offers a special taste. This product, which contains cow's milk, has been produced with care. Salted yoghurt is prepared in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and has the following nutritional values:

  • Energy (kcal/kj): 810/194
  • Proteins (g): 15.9
  • Fat (g): 9.9
  • Carbohydrates (g): 10.2
  • Saturated Fat (g): 5.3
  • Salt (g): 3.3
  • Sugar (g): 0

Salted yoghurt can be a delicious and nutritious snack or add a special flavor to your meals. The natural richness of cow's milk and the taste of this special product will delight your palate. It is recommended to store salted yoghurt between 0°C and 4°C so that you can maintain its freshness. Do not hesitate to try this unique product to discover the unique tastes of Hatay.

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