Antep Cookies 500 Gr

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  • It is sent with its box.
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  • The product weighs 500 grams.
  • It is sent by Koçak Baklava from Gaziantep.

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Every flavor has its own value and unique story. One of the flavors that make Gaziantep one of the world's most important culinary destinations is the 'Bayram Kurabiyesi (Eid Cookie)', also known as Antep Kurabiyesi (Antep Cookie). This cookie, which is specially prepared for the Ramadan holidays in Gaziantep, is the 10th registered product.

 Antep Kurabiyesi is a cookie made with semolina, plain oil, white sugar, flour, early-harvested green pistachios, and Antep pistachios in traditional production. These delicious cookies are baked in a stone oven, and plain ones are shaped like a crescent, while the ones with pistachios are flat and short. Antep Kurabiyesi maintains its freshness and flavor for up to 1 month when stored in a cool and dry place. It is made especially during holidays in Gaziantep.

 We are proud to bring the taste of Gaziantep's history and culture to the doorsteps of our customers in every province of Turkey.

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