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Rivos Wheat Chips (Bitter Sour) 56 Gr

The world's first wheat chips; wheat specially grown in the wheat fields of Anatolia is ground in a stone mill and carefully cooked and seasoned with thyme collected from the mountains to create the delicious RİVOS wheat chips. It does not contain any additives and preservatives. It contains high fiber. Your children will love this healthy snack. 

Consumption Method: It is consumed as snack chips. Dip sauce, yogurt sauce, etc. Its flavor will increase when consumed with sauces.   

Ingredients: Wheat (pounded), Rice, Salt, Mountain Thyme, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Powder (Onion and Garlic), Hot Red Pepper, (6%), Yeast Extract, Flavorings (Sulfites and So2, Soy and Dairy), Sugar, Colorings (Paprika Extract, Ammonium Sulfite Caramel)

Protein Source : 9.45 g Fiber Source : 12,30 g

Energy and Nutritional Value (100 g)

Energy :
2141kJ/ 512.3kcal

30,72 g

Saturated Fat
19,42 g

43,3 g

Total Sugar
3,52 g

Protein :
9,45 g

Trans Fat

0,2 g


12,30 g

3,06 g

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