Mosaic Patterned Candle Holder

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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Handmade mosaic pattern is embroidered and colored on the plaster cast candlestick. Candle diameter is 2 cm and can be used for candles of different sizes. Candle Width: 2 cm Width: 5.5 cm Height: 5 cm

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The coloring of plaster cast candlesticks with handmade mosaic patterns makes these candlesticks visually striking and aesthetically pleasing. The mosaic patterns add character and vibrancy to the candlesticks, adding a colorful touch to the environment.

The candle diameter of 2 cm makes the candlesticks suitable for candles of various sizes. This flexibility allows users to personalize their decorations with different candle options. Thin candles make the mosaic patterns of the candlesticks more distinctive, while thicker candles can offer a different aesthetic.

Handmade mosaic patterns give each candlestick a unique character and touch. Created by artfully combining colored glass shards or ceramics, the mosaics glow in the light, giving the setting an eye-catching look.

Such candlesticks can be an ideal option to complement home decoration. Especially when used on special occasions or in romantic atmospheres, mosaic patterns reflect candlelight, creating an impressive ambience.

As a result, coloring plaster cast candlesticks with handmade mosaic patterns offers an elegant and flexible option for displaying candles, as well as enhancing the visual appeal of home decoration. These candlesticks can enrich the atmosphere of your home or events, as they can be used with candles of different sizes and create a striking decorative element with their unique design.

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