Mihalic Cheese 400 Gr

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This cheese is crafted by adding pasteurized cow's milk, cheese culture, and salt. It contains a minimum of 45% milk fat in dry matter. Store between +4 to +9 ºC. Allergen Warning: Contains Milk and Dairy Products (Lactose).

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Mihaliç Cheese: A Traditional Turkish Delight

Mihaliç Cheese is a traditional cheese variety primarily produced in Turkey's Marmara region. Its name is derived from the former name of the city of Bursa, Mihaliç, where it has been crafted for many years.

Production Method: Mihaliç Cheese is made from cow's milk. The milk undergoes meticulous processing and is coagulated using cheese cultures. Following this, the milk is curdled, and the whey is separated. The curdled milk is then pressed into special molds to shape the cheese. The cheeses are left to mature.

Flavor and Texture: Mihaliç Cheese carries the rich taste of milk. It typically has a mildly salty flavor and possesses a distinctive taste, making it a preferred choice for breakfast. Its texture is quite firm with sharp edges. With these characteristics, Mihaliç Cheese often finds its place on various cheese platters.

Serving Suggestions: Mihaliç Cheese is delightful when spread on bread for breakfast or served alongside white cheese. It is also used in salads or meze platters. You can slice or grate this cheese to add a distinct flavor to different dishes.

Mihaliç Cheese is known as a regional delicacy in Turkish cuisine, particularly in the Bursa area. Trying this cheese provides an excellent opportunity to savor its unique taste and experience the delights of Turkish cuisine.

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