Maraş Style Powder Tarhana Soup with Plenty of Yogurt (Plain) 500 Gr






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Maraş Style Powder Tarhana Soup with Plenty of Yogurt (Plain)

Maraş Style Powdered Tarhana with Plenty of Yoghurt is produced by fermenting yogurt and pounded by adding pounded, yogurt, salt and water. Maraş Tarhana is the best tarhana variety in Turkey. Chili, Chips. There are many delicious and healthy varieties such as Maraş Tarhana for Cookies and Soup. It is a very healthy tarhana that can be stored for a long time. It has a great flavor in soup with its sour aroma.

Ingredients: Wheat (pounded), Yogurt, Rice, Salt, Mountain Thyme

Tattoo 1/2 Yogurt

Protein Source : 15 g Fiber Source : 5,3g

Energy and Nutritional Value (100 g)kk

Energy :
1642 kJ/393kcal
6,39 g
Saturated Fat :
3,41 g
68,8 g
Total Sugar :
5,07 g
15 g
Fiber :
5,28 g
2,8 g

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